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sad man with broken tvRemember when everyone said TV was a fad in the 50s or something? I don’t, I simply wasn’t around back then. But it looks like they were right. According to Nielson’s Global Survey of Multi-Screen Media Usage, internet video beat out television watching in 2012 for most groups (i.e. people with TV sets and internet access.) I haven’t had cable in about 3 years and I haven’t really thought about it until now. Everything is on the internet, and you should be too.

It’s not so much that TV will be completely phased out, but streaming video will be connected to your TV as more and more devices allow for this integration. The more you research, the clearer it becomes that 2013 is the year of mobile devices as well. Tablets pretty much killed e-readers in 2012, and it seems like they will slowly take the place of laptop computers. Maybe not even slowly. In all this, video still remains crucial for businesses. According to SundaySky, 48 of the 50 top online retailers were using product video to boost sales, whereas in 2011 only 16 of said retailers were using web video. Merchants will continue to produce more content video that will entertain and inform viewers, and these are the videos that will be played in between the videos you watch on YouTube and Hulu and so forth. Remember when YouTube didn’t have commercials? That was kind of nice, but now I find that these advertisements are becoming much more contextualized and personal, so frankly I find it refreshing that these ads aren’t all diaper commercials.

Video is very important to your business. While design and web presence facilitate interaction between you and your customers, people need video to identify your personality. Put time and effort into consistent video output and people will construct an image of your business that they can agree with.


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