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The software personnel at video sharing giant YouTube have decided that the company needed to undergo some changes in appearance. They altered the network style to provide a sleek look that is more visually appealing to its users.

You may think: Does anyone really care about how it looks? It still receives over three billion hits per day and is ranked just underneath Google as one of the most used search engine sites for web video.

For about eight years now, YouTube has allowed pretty much anyone to upload content whenever they want. The video giant also provides web video content that consists of just about any topic you can think of: informational videos, blog videos, instructional videos, and even previews for TV and movies. YouTube is very aware of this fact and decided that they want the maximum usability for their site in order for its visitors to retrieve the desired information, right at their fingertips.

Renovating Web Pages with Web VideoBecause of this, YouTube decided to roll out a video dedicated to the new site design and information directed at visitors to encourage them to create their own YouTube videos. Here are some of the new functions that YouTube has provided to make the site more visually attractive.

Adapt Web Video Information

The webpage allows visitors to monitor other people’s favored video stations through simple queries. Individuals that have existing YouTube accounts can customize and adapt their profile with information regarding their preferences.

The webpage also permits users to go through highly recommended programs, link their profile to their social networking site, such as Facebook and Google+, and personalize their account on YouTube.

The latest feed is located at the middle and front of the webpage. Users can link up feeds by clicking on stations on the left side of the page.

So Fresh and So Clean

YouTube has cleaned up its appearance and stream-lined the website for maximum efficiency. The new style will help users locate content with ease. Since everyone has a diverse set of preferences, this style can morph into whatever will assist the user, therefore increasing satisfaction with the site. The account also adapts with the content that the user uploads, whether it’s one video or a cache of information.

YouTube offers these new features to its users for free with many more to come in the future when popularity increases.

It’s an interesting concept to consider when it comes to contemplating YouTube’s popularity. Will these changes affect how many people visit and upload videos to the site each day? Or will it forever instill YouTube as a wealth of information and marketing potential that individuals and companies will perceive as utterly invaluable? YouTube could have tapped a goldmine or didn’t even make a dent in how people perceive the website. They could simply just want to search for a certain subject and then not care about the level of individuality that YouTube can afford you. Only time will be able to tell how these changes will affect the scope of YouTube.


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