Why You Should Include Internet Videos in Your Online Promotion Campaign

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In December 2007, an eMarketer study revealed that 52 percent of all web visitors stemmed from video promotions. Studies have shown that promotional strategies that make use of web videos are six times more likely to succeed. However, less than 3 percent of internet promotions are done with video clips.

First of all, ask yourself what you would prefer to look at: a still image or a video that provides a human connection? The response is generally going to be that individuals would prefer to watch a video. If a video is properly executed it can have tremendous results, such as developing connections with customers, creating a promotional opportunity that drives revenue year round, and that can help to establish you as a specialist in your market.

Online Promotion with Web VideoBeing ranked on the top page of Google is no longer sufficient. If both you and your competition are on the first page of Google, then it becomes an issue of how you are going get your website ranked above theirs. Of course, guests can click on hyperlinks, browse through various websites and contacts to get prices to see who the most affordable business is. In all actuality, individuals buy from companies that they are comfortable with, understand, and have confidence in. By including web videos in your online promotional campaigns, the videos are going to help you develop a connection with the client and put you above and beyond your competition. Using video allows for a human connection to be made and can give the client the impression that they understand you, elevating you as more than just a business in their perception.

In order for your video to have the desired effect, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind when producing your video.

First, have value in your video. In order to create a bond with the viewer, your video should provide them with valuable information. Do not just talk aimlessly about business items and amenities, as the client will be apathetic to this information. For instance, if you are an internet developer, provide them with some guidelines to question any organization that develops websites that will prevent them from being scammed.

Second, act natural. When in front of a camera, don’t convert into an automated robot that is stilted, enunciates all the words precisely, and delivers a hollow performance. Keep in mind, under typical conditions someone either calls in to talk with you or comes to your business. However you speak in these normal situations, you should do the same in front of the camera.

Finally, include a call to action. Near the end of the video, conclude by making a request of your audience to perform some action. This might include clicking on the link to your website, contacting you in person or by phone, or having them send you their information via email.

By following these steps, you should bow have a basic working knowledge of how to make use of web videos in your online promotion strategies. Web videos can help to place you well above the competition and can draw in customers to your business. Today is the day for you to begin creating successful and informational web videos for your business and begin reaping the benefits.



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