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Web Commercials

Increase Traffic, Conversions, and Sales DRAMATICALLY!

NOTHING makes more money online than Video!

Killer Productions has the superior technical skills, and equipment to spearhead your entire web video production process. You will get the final say over each stage of the development process, giving you complete control over the completed project. We will draft and develop a script that conveys your company’s story, services or products in a creative and distinct way. We will handle the hiring of actors if necessary, or choose a professional spokesperson from our website, and then we will film and produce your video with our professional equipment. We will film your video wherever you like: at the location of your choice or in our green screen studio. Then, using our expertise of video production software and equipment we will edit the footage creatively and add in graphics to clearly demonstrate important features you want to highlight. We will also add in voice over talent and select the best music to establish the mood of your message. The final product will be the perfect compilation of images and words that explain your story artfully.



Web videos or Internet videos are attention grabbing marketing presentations that are directed at the emotions of the viewer. These dynamic video presentations include many different elements including eye-catching animation and video, as well as quality music and voice-overs. imgThe commercial is specifically created for watching over the Internet and is made with the short attention span of web viewers in mind. It is very similar to a commercial made for television, but is more cost effective and will reach a larger set of targeted viewers. When your creative web video is finished it can be uploaded onto your website, and even more importantly uploaded to YouTube, Yahoo Video, Google Video and other video sharing websites.
A well-produced web video is designed to:
Motivate – customers to make a decision about your product or service.
Demonstrate – all the particular and relevant information about your product or service.
– why your product or service is better than the rest, or why clients should use your product or service. Communicate your story!

Educate – clients or potential clients how to properly use your product or service, or to train others how to sell your product or service.


TRAINING VIDEO PRODUCTIONYou can train employees from afar with quality videos. Instead of spending money to travel to all of your stores or businesses, make videos that clearly and concisely teach new hires or update current employees on new business procedures easily.


TRADE SHOW PRODUCTIONSGrab attention at your trade-show booth with a product promotion or company marketing video on a continuous loop from a massive screen monitor.


ONLINE VIDEO TRAININGSave time and money by delivering training in video format. Employees, as well as distributors, partners and even customers can get timely product information and advanced training from every location.


LOOPING VIDEODo you have a waiting room at your place of business? Use the waiting time to inform clients about other promotions, products, services or procedures.


CORPORATE VIDEO PRODUCTIONHave videos created to spread the word about new corporate initiatives and policies to be distributed across all of your corporation’s businesses.


PROMOTIONAL VIDEO PRODUCTIONPromote your products and services through videos that are relevant and interesting. Show these videos online and help to cultivate new business through increased web hits.


MARKETING VIDEO PRODUCTIONEasily market your products through your website or on YouTube and other web video sites to viewers in an effective and inspiring way.